Our In–Crisis Package

This is package is only to be used in urgent, emergency situations as a “stop–gap” measure.

Field Support desires to be a safe and helpful harbor for Westerners living overseas who find themselves in an emotional or psychological crisis. We’re committed to providing quality counseling interventions in such situations, AND the very nature of online interaction requires us to take additional measures to ensure your safety and our ethical integrity. Namely, our In–Crisis Package must be followed immediately by our Foundations Package. We will not agree to two In–Crisis Packages in a row without the Foundations Package included.

PLEASE NOTE: In order to be accepted for the In–Crisis Package, you must provide advance partial payment of the Foundations Package. Field Support believes that offering only urgent and temporary support is not in the best interest of a person’s long–term well being.

Some Aspects of In–Crisis:

  • Three sessions in three days
  • Short–term interventions to help stabilize you in the situation
  • Financial Requirement: Advance partial payment for the Foundations Package
  • Accountability Requirement: In–country emergency contact necessary before beginning