Our Commitment

Field Support is committed to providing well–trained, professional counselors to serve you. We continually pursue improving our service and excellence in counseling. We hold in high value our own need to be growing, thriving and lasting in our personal and professional lives. 

Our counselors receive regular peer consulation and supervision in order to provide you with the best possible psychological care. We can only support you as well as we ourselves are supported. 

Online therapy is a unique method by which we provide emotional and psychological support. We acknowledge the limitations and challenges of this modality and know that it is not the same as “in person’ therapy. However, we have repeatedly experienced that the transformative power of the therapeutic relationship and process can take place through online therapy.

In addition to providing support for everyday life in cross–cultural settings, we desire to help Westerners navigate the ups and downs of transitioning to and from life overseas. We offer a variety of therapy packages that can be customized to meet your situation.

Field Support embraces the technical challenges involved with online work. We strive to use technology to meet the needs of our overseas clients in a simple, secure, and seamless way. We take this very seriously and strive to uphold the standards of practice and ethics as stated in the American Counseling Association’s Code of Ethics.