We value a thoughtful consideration of our client’s goals, dreams & desires, and we move forward with action and purpose toward seeing them fulfilled.


We recognize the power and influence of culture, family, age, gender, and spirituality in forming an individual’s worldview and approach to life. Our counselors value these influences as we work with you toward your therapeutic goals.


Each person is a unique being—inspiring a personal and individualized approach to counseling or coaching. Our clients’ goals and desires are what drive this process. You set the agenda.


We value open, honest, genuine, and pretense–free relating both in personal and professional arenas. Transparency is a sign of being at ease with one’s self and others. 

Wounded Healers

As counselors, we acknowledge that we haven’t fully “arrived” but are engaged in our own healing journey and are still in process. We walk with you in an honoring and respectful manner, empowering and supporting you on your journey. 


We value an approach to life and personal growth that will enable both our counselors and clients to engage in their life’s passion for the long haul. Life’s a marathon not a sprint.