Our Transitions Coaching Package

We provide support for the following transitions:

      • initial move overseas
      • relocation—city or country
      • work/job description change
      • college–bound teenager
      • re–entry (temporary or permanent)

Times of transition are more stressful, disorienting, and challenging than everyday life. We often feel easily isolated and vulnerable as we walk through significant transitions. Field Support recognizes that we all need extra help during these times, especially when it involves a change in culture, role, or stage of life.

After completing our introductory Foundations Package, you can choose the Transitions Package which is designed to help you navigate the uniqueness of your situation. We are trained specifically in knowing and understanding the nuances of these transitions.

Some Aspects of Transition Coaching:

  • Six sessions (before, during, and after your transition)
  • Emphasis on increased awareness and anticipating various aspects of your transition  
  • Concrete tools & goals to decrease stress and successfully navigate the change